Body, Mind & Spirit Roadmap

The following Areas of Focus is a "cheat sheet" that covers what you can expect to get out of the copies of Body, Mind & Spirit: The Awakening you purchase for yourself or send as a gift to those you love.

Area of Focus



Number of Meals

Eat 5-6 times each day with 3 meals and 2-3 snacks just a few hour before lunch and dinner

Total Calories

No more than 2,000 calories from food and drinks each day

What to Eat?

Green Leafy Vegetables (The greener, the better!)

Oat Meal

Dairy (Non-fat or low-fat ONLY)

High Fiber Content

Almonds and nut butters (Natural)

Smoothies (Not the fast food kind)

Protein (Various legumes and lean meat)

Olive Oils (For cooking and salad dressings)

Whole grain bread, cereals and pasta

Eggs (Excellent source of protein)

Raspberries and other berries


At least 3 days a week combining aerobic exercise and strength training

When Life Gets In the Way…

Have options to keep nutrition and exercise on track



Self-Actualization and Visualization Techniques

How to Quiet the Mind

Fundamentals of Prayer and Meditation

Stress and Illnesses

How to Recognize Symptoms and Seek Help


Who is God?

No one can completely define God except God

Spirituality vs. Religion

These two things are not the same and one's spirituality typically begets their religion

Religion vs. Science

Non-believers will use science to disprove God and bring attention on the fallibilities of organized religions. Science can also be used to prove not only God's existence but how we are all connected.

The Buddha

Buddhism is not a religion. It's a philosophy that we can all greatly benefit from.

God of Abraham

All three of the major monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) have more in common than they have differences. In fact, they all are descendants of Abraham.

Beginning the Journey

If we don't change for our own sake, then we MUST change for God's sake and those we love. Bottom line, change is not an option. It's a lifeline.


We know that we are on the right path when our influences, perspectives and surroundings begin to change.