Tonya Gordon says:

I just finished reading Body, Mind & Spirit by James Hackley. This book is brilliantly inspired by God and abundantly blessed. I enjoyed this book on so many levels. Not only did it give me vital and factual information for life transformation on all the levels of body, mind, and spirit; I found it quite humorous. James Hackley took me back to my childhood allowing me reminisce on the good old days when things were simpler. And being from Washington, D.C. myself, I was able to relate to many antics featured in this book, it was like being at home sitting by a warm fire.

Each section of the book Body, Mind, & Spirit lead me on a journey of recovery within myself. I saw so many things I took for granted regarding my entire well-being and so many things I needed to change within myself. He broke down the importance of the body, the things we put in it, and the things we get out of it. He engaged the importance of the mind with tips on freeing the mind of and the potential detriment of negative thinking leading to negative actions. And the Spirit, let's just say that I have a greater understanding of being a spiritual being. James made no judgments in any aspects of this book, he only promoted advocacy on changing each piece of us so that we can become whole again.

More importantly, this book truly came to me during a time I needed it the most. I have had a very challenging year personally (health and mind), financially, and spiritually. This book took all the jagged pieces I had, slowly put them together, and now I see the big picture. I am extremely blessed to be the first to write this review. If you want to change Your Body, Your Mind, and/or Your Spirit, then this book is for you. I encourage you to read this book with an open mind and heart to receive the blessings that James has magically provoked and produced in the writing of this book. His inspirations are motivating and have a genuine personal touch. His candor is truthful and transparent, you can feel his passion. I hope and pray that his passion becomes your passion as it has become mine.

With warmest regards and humble blessings,


Michele Appello says:

I started this journey on January 1st, 2011. I called it the "Year of Health & Well-being." Nothing drastic or self-depriving, just a combination of consciously choosing more whole, healthy & organic foods, less processed, fried & fast food, and getting more exercise. I don't deny myself anything (even the occasional fast food); I just try to make healthy choices the majority of the time.

Rather than going on yet another diet, simply changing the way I think about eating has caused steady, gradual weight loss. The hormone-free meat & dairy and pesticide-free produce really have made my body feel better. So far, I've lost 22 lbs and a total of 28 collective inches from my body... and five of those inches were off my waist alone! Amazing!


Andrea Williams (Life Coach Consultant) says:

"The Awakening” has been a community/family of thought-provoking questions, answers and information. It has been a catalyst to helping me evaluate and commit to my evolution and continue my journey. Many blessings!


Rev. Michelle C. Thomas (Senior Pastor, Holy & Whole Life Changing Ministries International) says:

As a Senior Pastor, entrepreneur, wife and mother of three; results is my middle name. For years I had mastered the art of managing my hectic schedule and masking my stress-driven life. This year as we turned the 5-yr corner in our ministry, I’ve already made four emergency room trips with one overnight stay and it’s only September. These unfortunate visits were not to check on a member of our growing congregation, but rather an account of the number of times my health had diminished to such a state; my family had to rush me to the hospital. Sadly, those numbers don’t scream “wholeness”; they scream “out of balance.”   I can no longer deny that the body, mind & spirit must be in total alignment in order to achieve optimum performance and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This triune construct is the basis for the transformational inspiration found in the guide you now hold in your hands.

Just like you, my journey to wholeness first began with reading something inspiring by Bro. James. As I read each post in his Facebook Body, Mind & Spirit: The Awakening forum, James became my personal life coach, challenging me to change. His solid truths empowered me to make major moves, and the weight of what I said I wanted became my accountability system. In other words, after reading his posts and watching him master what used to master him, I decided that it was no longer acceptable for me to have a strong spirit and a weak body.

Body, Mind & Spirit (BMS) is your GPS that will help navigate you through the process of total transformation. Bro. James Hackley uses this simple key to transform your life.

Inspiration + Application = Transformation

BMS speaks directly into your spirit, forcing your mind to make the necessary adjustments that translate into the forward movement of your body. James’ transformation story comes alive through the pages of BMS, as he guides us on an individual journey to achieving wholeness in every area of our lives!

As you read and reflect on each chapter of this 21-day journey, all that will be required of you is to leave your “old self” behind and simply…Go forward! Go forward! Go forward!

Quinzel Jackson says:

Since I gave birth to my daughter in January, 2009, I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure (HBP), diabetes, and high cholesterol.  My doctor explained how my BP and diabetes were "borderline" and I should take prescriptive meds to control them.  The word "borderline" didn't make sense to me.  I either have it or I don't; and if I had to take medications, I had it.  My health was spiraling out of control.  I beat myself up for allowing my health to get to this point.  I was taking care of everything and everyone else except myself.

I began taking medications for all three.  After my doctor visit in December 2010, I was instructed to only take 1/2 of the BP tablet and double the glucose meds.  This decision was based on my last lab results from May 2010.  However, there was no way I was going to increase my meds without checking my current status.

On my way to work after the appointment, I had to have a conversation with myself.  Bottom line was that I had to get it together.  I have two children to care for, and I have to be here for them as long as possible. I had to get a better handle on my health.  Without permission, I took it upon myself to stop taking my medications.  I made a commitment to change my eating habits and begin exercising.

I never shared my weight with anyone because I was always ashamed of how much I actually weighed.  Sharing my weight was my first step towards beginning a healthier lifestyle.  My starting weight was 254 lbs and in January 2011, a few friends and co-workers and I made a pact and started on the healthier lifestyle path together.

In the beginning, it was hard to break the eating habits I'd grown accustomed to. However, as the weeks progressed, it became easier and I kept reassuring myself that I could do this.  Determination and support of family and friends, as well as support groups have helped me shed 37 lbs so far.

The defining moment of this journey happened in March, 2011.

Not only was my doctor impressed with my decreased levels of all three diagnoses; he was impressed by the weight loss as well. In fact, he was so impressed that he took me off all medications and expressed how if I stay on the path that I am on, I won't have to take medication again.  That was music to my ears!

With the encouraging words from my friends and family, I continue onward and upward to new horizons.  The way I see it is that the weight was not gained overnight, therefore I won’t lose it overnight.  I may face a few bumps and obstacles, but I am determined to continue on my path.

Although I decided it was time to get my body in shape, I knew that there was something else missing.  I carry so much on my shoulders; sometimes I wonder how I make it through some days.  Being a single mom can be overwhelming at times, physically and financially—or like the older folks used to say "by hook or crook" or "steal from Peter to pay Paul." Somehow, I make it through.  On the outside, no one can tell how I feel at times; how emotionally drained I can be. Whenever I show emotions, which is rare, folks do not know how to handle it because I always show the "happy go lucky" Quinzel.

During February 2011, I attended the home-going services for my mother-in-law. The guest pastor delivered a brief sermon and at that moment, I knew what I was missing; a place to worship.

You see, as a child, some of us were forced to attend church every Sunday.  Once we became so-called “grown,” we tend to do what we want and that is exactly what I did.  I was living my life in a way where I did whatever I wanted to do.  Here I am at 47-yrs-old, just realizing that I wasn’t living the life I am supposed to live.  I simply existed, and Christ was nowhere to be found.  During the repast, I asked my sister-in-law, “Who is the guest Pastor?”  She happily replied “That’s my Pastor, Jeffrey Jackson, of Friendship Christian Fellowship Ministries (FCFM).”  My response was “I’m visiting your church this Sunday!”

I remember that first visit as if it was yesterday.  I stood when they asked for visitors to stand.  I felt a little nervous, but everyone was pleasant and it was a welcoming experience.  Pastor Jackson said, “You could have gone anywhere else this morning, but we here at FCFM appreciate that you came here.”  That pretty much sealed the deal for me.  I have been attending every Sunday since then and I am happy to say that I completed my members’ class and became a member May 22, 2011.